GMU College of Science Online Styleguide

The Monolith / Fractal pattern library is part of NewCity’s Foundation First approach. It is a front-end framework designed to bootstrap new projects. It is based on Fractal v1.


You will need to know how to use docker and git. Likewise, you will need docker and git.

Starting a new project

To start a new project you should copy this repository as it currently exists.

Local development

To get started, type make dev in a terminal window. This will fire up the Bluestone docker container and run it through http://localhost:3000/. To access the Browser-sync control panel, visit http://localhost:3002.

Make documentation

We use make instead of docker-compose directly because we have a different compose file for development and deployment and the command line can get a little hairy.

  • make dev will start the docker container running in detached mode. (So will make up and make dev).
  • make logs will attach to the docker container’s logs. If you get a prompt back from running this it means the container has died – usually because of an error somewhere in the build stack.
  • make down will stop the container.
  • make demo will start the container, run the build script used at deployment, then shut down the container.
  • make track will start the container in detached mode, then start showing the logs.
  • make restart will shut down the container as though you had used make down and then start up the container as though you had used make track.